torsdag 11 oktober 2012


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  1. This is beautiful sweety.. but a suggestion for your blog. If you want everyone who see your beautiful work to be able to read your Terms of use stating that the image is only for personal use, perhaps think about adding a tranlsate gadget onto the blog somewhere. this image is sooooo cute and I have now seen it a few times on the web coloured up which is so lovely!! but I'm from Australia and it took so work to source who the actual artist was (you).. you may also want to add to your terms of use that you require people using your digital image to reference your name as the artist of the stamp to give you a little credit!!! :) just some suggestions. I would hate for people to steal your beautifu work and claim it as there own.. or worse, for many people to use it, and in the end for no one to know where the image came from because they never listed who the artist was!! :) just thought I'd share. :) especially since I have just see this image used by someone who posted it on the Copic Europe website. they did the right thing and link backed to you, but not everyone will. :)
    kind regards.
    Amanda Jensen. Cherry Rose Cottage Crafts

  2. Ett litet kort jag gjort med din söta nisse. :)

  3. Hej!
    Var inne och kikade på ditt kort.Jättefint med Nisse sittandes på staketet. Roligt du ville använda honom.
    Får önska dig en trevlig 2-a advent


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